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2003-2008 Z4 Cover for sale

07-19-2012, 01:04 PM
Sold my Z4 but still have the cover. I live in the Nanaimo area on Vancouver Island

Z4 Full Custom Fit Cover - NOAH with Door Dent Protection - Fits 2003-2008 Z4s from Roadster Solutions. Retail $249.95

A Full Custom Fit Car Cover with Roadster Solutions’ exclusive Door Dent Protection.

Comes with a and lock. Sold my Z4, you can have it for only $100. Cover in great condition used only occassionally and always indoors.

This is a Full Custom Fit Car Cover which is made of NOAH® and provides a great performance value. It’s a great choice for indoor or outdoor use. It is water repellant, breathable, dust will not penetrate, offers ding protection, and it is UV light resistant. Both outer layers of this fabric are bi-component spunbond, using sheath core technology. Each fiber has a polypropylene inner core for strength with a polyethylene wrap for softness against your paint. Important for today's water based paint finishes. The micro-porous middle layer is a breathable, stretch-film technology developed exclusively for this cover material. The material is stretched and subjected to a chemical process that creates microscopic holes smaller than droplets of water or dust. This allows the cover to breathe and allows evaporation of trapped water or condensation and heat to escape. This also helps reduce the bulk of the non-woven fabric while providing a barrier for your paint. The NOAH® fabric is Gray in color which does not attract heat and the fabric is treated with UV inhibitors for extended outdoor use. With NOAH®, you can leave it on day after day. This is a custom fit cover with mirror pockets and it is made specifically to fit your car, not one of those one-size-fits-all covers: it fits like a glove.