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: Register new Battery

07-27-2012, 07:08 PM

my car: BMW 125i e82 / 03.2012

I replaced my BMW OEM Battery (80 AH) with a new AGM Battery (20 AH) coz of the weight. Is a recoding with NCS Tool needed or only a registration via Tool32 ?

If i shall register it, what value shall i choose ?

B046 BATT_46AH //46 Ah-Batterie
B055 BATT_55AH //55 Ah-Batterie
B070 BATT_70AH //70 Ah-Batterie
B080 BATT_80AH //80 Ah-Batterie
B090 BATT_90AH //90 Ah-Batterie
A070 BATT_AGM_70AH //70 Ah-AGM Batterie
A080 BATT_AGM_80AH //80 Ah-AGM Batterie
A090 BATT_AGM_90AH //90 Ah-AGM Batterie

Thank you very much.