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: Big "A" Detailing 05 EVO 8 MR GG Halogen Correction + Ronnie C. Photography

07-29-2012, 03:38 PM
this detail was to remove the swirls & most of the deep scratches in 2 steps. the Evo 8 MR is going in for major surgery in the winter so this is just to get through the rest of the summer & the fall.
the sides & hood were in great shape. the roof & trunk were the only areas that needed a little extra love. i decided to put the car under the halogens & work the paint out for a little bit more time than if i was just working under the shop fluorescents. i made sure all the swirls were removed with just a few deep scratches here & there that remain. you really cant see them because of the color & the new glow the paint has now.

an outline for my work:

Makita 9227 c rotary
roof & trunk =
orange pads + Meguiars M105 Compound
everything else =
green pads + Meguiars M105 Compound
blue pads + Menzerna SF4000 Polish

Protection = 2 layers of Prima Epic Sealant

wheels = washed, clayed + Collinite 73SS Super Saphire Cleaner Wax
tires = Adrex Outrageous
exhaust can = #0000 steel wool + Ardex Pure Metal
head & tail lights = clayed, Makita + orange + M105 + blue + SF4000 + Epic
rain guards = clayed, makita + green + M105 + blue + SF4000 + Epic
glass = clayed

07-29-2012, 03:38 PM
i hold that mf towel like a football under my shirt. gotta give her a quick wipedown before ronnie starts taking pictures. we hope the boogie man doesnt come! we see the signs but we ignore them.
ready in a min...

drum roll please for my fav pic of the shoot...

thanks for looking!