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: No start :(

07-30-2012, 02:22 PM
:cry: I'm relying on the best information from some really smart guys!!!! For the past year I've had a hesitation once in a blue moon when trying to start ( about 5-10 sec) A few months ago I parked it, went into store and no start when I came out- felt like it was started but no power when stepping on gas- called a tow truck (arghh) and when we pushed it out of the spot down a small slope had it in neutral and turned the key and it started and ran fine until 3 days ago when- I've tried starting in P and N- hear the fuel pump engage ( lt side of car?) when I step on brake and turn key- usual engine noise and I hear a click from what seems to be the glove box when pushing on brake and turning key (only one "click") So, what would be the easiest to start changing? Hah! Tried jump starting- nothing- There's a relay in trunk that seemed hot (when pulled out abs light comes on) No clue if it's related- Do have some oil leaks I've been avoiding ;) Light is engaged on shifter P R N D etc- Think it's the neutral safety switch, starter or what? I've had it parked and am driving a Crown Vic....please help! Thanks smarties!

07-30-2012, 03:02 PM
You could have a fouled spark plug. Long cranks, rough idle, stalling, hesitation in acceleration all are symptoms of oil in the
spark plug well. You may get a CEL also. If you've neglected oil leaks this is your probable cause. I'm not sure if you're at the point where you've fried the starter,
but as of now I would recover that M54 engine and clean up all the oil spills then go forth from there. If you fix the no start you still have
the long crank issue to deal with. Good Luck.