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09-03-2012, 06:24 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm looking at the X1. My choice is between the 328i or the x28i. To give you context, I'm driving a 2006 330i (and my other car is a mini-van :) I love the E90, the run-flats drive me crazy though - have had to replace them many a time. On my new car, I will swap them out for regular tires. I love the confidence the handling gives me. I don't mod or track-race the car. The stock car is plenty for my day-to-day needs and the occasional day-long excursion.

Anyyway - back to the X1. There aren't too many of them around here to test-drive, and I haven't taken one out on an extended run yet. My initial impressions of the X1 (s28i) were that I was not too impressed with the interior. I also felt the visibility out the front to be a *little* bit impaired due to the bump in the hood. This *might* have been due to the seat being too low, I will have to adjust it, and check again. Also, I'm not that tall (5'7'')

At the sales guys' prodding though, I took it for a short drive. I liked the 4 cylinder, it responded quite well. The steering was firm, solid build quality. Felt and drove like a Bimmer should. I came back to the dealership feeling quite positive about it.

Here are my concerns / questions:
- How does the car handle at 100MPH? Some of the reviews seem to suggest the steering is unstable. Also, how is wind/engine noise at speed? Can some of the owners comment? I have driven the minivan at high speeds, and it is whisper quiet.
- Is the interior with the right trims look classy? I'm not looking for 5 series plushness, but something along the lines of a 3-series. I will be getting the Nav and Premium packages with the upgraded leather

Funnily enough, I just came back from a drive to Lake Tahoe. Was routinely taking many 3 Series on the turns with my mini-van :) Would have really enjoyed doing this drive on one of the ultimate driving machines. Can't wait.

09-04-2012, 12:27 PM
I have had tested both two cars with both 2.8i and 3.5i. First, 328i is a great car, with all three of major packages(Premium, Tech, and Sports) on the car, it just make this car prefect. It doesn't accelerate as fast as the 335i, but it has all the power you need for daily commute, and plus the good MPG. Second, X1 2.8i. I test drove the 2.8i 2 weeks ago when dealer first got it, the 4 cylinder works great as 328i, but not perfect. Acceleration is not as quick as 328i, and old model interior, the only plus is the moon roof. X1 3.5 is way better than the 2.8i, it runs fast and good handling, it feels you are drive a sports coupe instead of a crossover. I would pick X1 3.5 over 2.8 if I choose X1 over 328i. After I finished the test drive, I asked sales in BMW for both two cars prices(328i $48k and X1 3.5 $46K), and he told me they can offer me 7% off MSRP for the 328i which is $48K-$3000=$45K. X1 3.5 with no discount $46K firm. Their reason is cuz X1 is a brand new model, and haven't been sold any yet. I was like no way I am buying a car without a discount. Therefore, I placed an order for 328i with no hesitation. lol

09-04-2012, 01:27 PM
Enjoy your 32.8i! :) :dunno:

09-04-2012, 01:29 PM
FWIW it's always better to negotiate up from invoice than down from MSRP. Given how new the X1 is it's not surprising there is little negotiating room there.