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: E66 '02 dashboard doesn't operate

09-06-2012, 12:34 PM
Hi guys!
I have 745Li 2002 left hand drive and here is the deal:
In tne morning everithing worked fine. I drove to the office and then the rain starts falling. On the afternoon I've got to my car to go for a lanch. I have started the engine and noticed the dashboard is not working properly. There were only arrows working and nothing else - no displays, no light.... And on the MMI display was no board computer values.

In th evening I had a time to look at this problem. What did I notice:
1. The dashboard do not operate (only speedo and tacho arrows work);
2. No BC values on the MMI display, other features works fine.
3. The boot door does not open automaticaly (no hydraulic) and does not close after the button is pushed.

What have I done...

First of all I have checked the DME section under the bonnet. I heard there can be some water if the drain holes are stacked with rubbish. Nope, everything was dry.

Then I have connected DIS to my car and ran the quick test. In many systems errors were detected;((
And every one of them was because the Kombi signals missing. And there was one error in K-CAN SYSTEM.

I have a very great hope there are no problem with Kombi, but only with can bus.

How to check the bus is working? I can not do this with DIS because I have no GT1 but very simple INPA adapter.....
Can I suppose the Kombi is not working because of can bus connection missing? The power is connected as I understand - the arrows motors work perfectly.
BTW, those motors get control signal from the bus or it is analog signal?

09-11-2012, 12:12 PM
The DIS tells me there are some errors with K-CAN bus and there is no dashboard in my car. The day after DIS has changed its mind: I have errors in k-can bus and dashboard, and dashboard is presented.

Is there some common point of bus connection for dashboard and boot hydraulic motor ECU? May be it is something wrong with bus, and the dashboard is ok?