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park brake actuator headaches!!!

09-11-2012, 02:05 AM
I have newly aquired a 2006 BMW 750Li and it came with a few issues. The problem I'm looking to fix is the dreaded park brake actuator. I have managed to disassemble it and replace the broken plastic gear inside. Now, the problem I have run into while trying to reassemble it is reconnecting the 2 linkeages (one left and one right) that comes from the rear hubs. From my research, I guess I'm suppose to take off the tires then caliper and rotors to get behind the hub to get to the brake shoes. From there, I suppose to have access the the cable and create enough slack to reattach it inside the actuator housing. I want to know is this correct or please tell me theres another way of doing this to make my life easier. If there is a written set of instructions somewhere or video showing how to reattach I greatly appreciate it.