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: recommended tire pressures?

09-19-2012, 10:12 AM
Does anyone know why there isn't a tire pressure range indicated? Instead I only see pressure specifications at full load. Previous BMWs specified pressures for partial loads as well. Is it now a liabiility to recommend anything less than the max pressure at max load in the USA? The pressures seem to be what's recommended for the E46 at max load. Should we decrease pressure from the recommended when driven at partial load for a better ride?

BTW, what's with the valve caps? first they stop using the signature metal BMW caps they had been using forever in favor of plastic ones that have a large diameter knob, now they are using what looks to be a generic plastic cap only it's silver in color instead of black. I did see an o-ring in the cap so there's at least that. Overall I think this was another cost cutting measure which makes the BMW less distinct. The tool kit, flashlight, and caps were signature BMW perks that are now gone!