View Full Version : Will the new Bluetooth iPods work through the BTUM cpt9000?????

09-19-2012, 03:07 PM
Read up on the new ipods that are bluetooth enabled, they are supposed to play music through the stereo of a bluetooth enabled car with no wires. I don't know yet but i'm sure the iphone 5, which is to be released in a day or so, will have the same capability. Is this functionality possible through the btum cpt9000 that allows hands free conversations via cell phones?

If so this changes everything. No longer will "pre-facelift" owners need to search for deals on "face lifted" MMI's on ebay and purchase $300+ ipod kits from the dealer and then hope to install it all correctly, then tinker with programing, they would only need to purchase the BTUM which most of us have already and then get a new ipod or iPhone.

I sure hope it works.

09-19-2012, 03:41 PM
Lots of phones already support this Bluetooth Audio capability. I don't believe the cpt9000 supports it, though. I know my current blackberry, which is from 2007, supports it, but my previous blackberry from 2006 did not. So I don't think any E65 or E66 devices will work with it.

Yes, I'm due for a new phone.