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09-20-2012, 07:53 PM
I a multi-BMW owner and my current car is a E39. A couple things I knew before I bought it was that at 100k I was going to end up replacing the entire cooling system and I would never want tan interior again......:thumbdwn:

I'm likely to end up with a 750 with 80-100k on the clock this time but I'm wondering if there is anything I need to know or might regret no knowing.:confused:

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Thank you for your support :thumbup:

Suri [TBR]
09-20-2012, 08:09 PM
Warranty = :thumbup:

No warranty = :thumbdwn:

BUT when getting a car with that many miles, it's hard to find any decently priced warranty coverage. With that said, if you are a DIYer, you'll love this car - as you'll probably have a new project every few months :rofl:

Common problems include: Transmission jerking when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, a weep hole coolant leak (may or may not have been fixed in 06 and greater models - someone chime in!), and faulty Logic 7 amps that have a mind of their own.

Of course there are more things that slipped my mind but others will tell you!

Suri [TBR]
09-20-2012, 08:13 PM
Other random problems I've had since I bought the car in 2008: front left window actuator, sunshades get stuck (very easy DIY fix), brake recall (should be replaced for free), cylinder misfire (BMW said it was due to bad gas), faulty CD changer, faulty trunk hydraulics

Suri [TBR]
09-20-2012, 08:15 PM
BUT even with all that said, we all love our 7's and I wouldn't choose anything else :D They have the perfect balance of luxury and driving dynamics

09-20-2012, 08:24 PM
YES E39's too. I've fixed all 4 window actuator's more than once each in 9 years of ownership. They are crap. Trunk hydraulic as well but only once.

;7087140']Other random problems I've had since I bought the car in 2008: front left window actuator, sunshades get stuck (very easy DIY fix), brake recall (should be replaced for free), cylinder misfire (BMW said it was due to bad gas), faulty CD changer, faulty trunk hydraulics

09-20-2012, 08:51 PM
Crossover coolant pipe
Light control module
Control arm bushings
Spark plugs
CCV valves
Water pump
Most network Problems
Ask unit
L7 amp
Secondary fan
Final stage resistor

Need to replace a squeaky AC fan.

All within the last year replaced.

Problems I foresee happening at some point.

Valve chain guides
Carbon buildup
Valve stem seals
02 problems
Brakes and rotors

My transmission was replaced at 20,000 miles, the one in the car shifts hard, done the transmission oil change last year, need to do the guibo joint, matronics, ect, ect, ect

Don't forget the seat sensor mat, multiple error codes, and stuff just getting old.

09-21-2012, 01:01 AM
the guys really dumped the brick on you! :)
these cars are pretty expensive to maintain and fix i'll give you that, while doing a DIY on the ASK, a single spark on a loose wire cost me around 2K to fix! then there's the labour! due to the complexity of these cars, its really hard to find someone who will fix them for reasonable prices even for my country ( i'm in a country that supposedly has cheap labour! :p )

but that being said....i would have to add that the pleasure you get from driving a 7 is not matched by any other other car..i've driven audis and mercs...even the 5 series. somehow the 7 always manages to draw a big f***ing smile on ur face :D
the best thing i like about this car is how u can cruise at 200kph and not realise it...how u can take 40 degree bends and not even feel the Gforces...and the acceleration is is incredible..the engine outputs great power all over the range and i have a 735! imagine what a 750 would do! :)

do keep in mind though...this is not a town car, its a long distance cruiser, u wont feel the benefits of this car unless u regularly travel long distances...mine does around 7k km a month!

so if you commute to work and dont mind doing stuff urself this is the ride for you :)

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09-21-2012, 05:07 PM
I found these problems just after I bought the car. If I had caught them prior, seller would have fixed. Some were covered under transferrable warranty shown as /. I wish I had been more comprehensive when inspecting. This BTW was after a comprehensive BMW dealer inspection.

Date/ Failure Description/ Covered by Warranty/ Note

Problems Just After I bought
7/1/2012 Wipers actuate when engine starts. Replaced wiper switch /Yes
7/1/2012 Bluetooth Operates Randomly. Replaced TCU /Yes
7/1/2012 Fuel tank vent blocked. Replaced charcoal canister / No Filters not covered
7/1/2012 Rear door vinyl loose causing shades to detrack. Glued down vinyl /No Upholstery not covered

Before I bought the care the seller made these repairs. Some were caught my dealer during inspection as a condition of my purchase.

6/14/2012 Parking Brake malfunction. Replaced parking brake module /Yes
6/14/2012 Vacuum pump leaking oil. Replaced vacuum pump. /Yes
6/14/2012 Front thrust rod bushing coming apart. Replaced bushings /Yes
6/14/2012 Front control arms coming apart. Replaced control arms. /Yes
6/14/2012 Transmission is leaking. Replaced trans sealing sleeve / Yes
6/14/2012 Driveshaft Guibo coming apart. Replaced guibo flex disc. /Yes

6 week later another failure
8/3/2012 Driver restraint failure. Replaced driver seat switch pad. /Yes

These were repairs the seller did during his ownership
10/25/2011 Coolant leaking. Replaced lower hose and sensor /Yes
10/25/2011 Seat bottom leather loose. Reattached leather /Yes
10/25/2011 Door sill plates peeling. Replaced door sills / Yes
1/3/2011 SES light is on, Engine running rough. Replaced ignition coils /Yes