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: Oil leaks

09-21-2012, 04:20 AM
Hello to all, I recently purchased an 06 750i for my wife, she loves it, has 130,000miles. Recently had a flat and discovered that nobody wanted to touch it, take it to the BMW dealer they said, so I did, called them and they sent out a rollback, I had a small oil leak that I had been noticing so I thought while they have it in the shop, check out the oil leak.
They called and said it was the valve cover gaskets and the alternater bracket gasket, leaks all the time they say, never even heard of one, wth is it. Anyway they told me about 2000 to remove and replace gaskets, reluctantly I agreed, then they call back and said it looked like it was leaking here, here and here, and it was gonna be an additional 1800 dollars to fix additional leaks, so I obviously did things like check to see what a new engine would cost, 20k +, r and r engine and replace all the gaskets 10k, what a bunch of crap! I told them to go ahead, took them 3 weeks, cost was 4k and engine still leaks oil, probably worse than it was, I think they are competent scam artists.....incompetent mechanics. What would you do, said they have a two year warranty but you know damn well it's gonna be one of those many gaskets we didn't replace the first time:mad: at least that's what they will say.... Hard to tell with that damned belly pan where it is coming from, bout fed up with these people, 4 new tires and alignment was 2600.00. Wow. Any ideas besides mine, which will get me in trouble! Thanks

09-21-2012, 06:11 AM
I'm sorry to hear about that. One thing I've learned being here is avoid the dealer as much as possible. When I first bought my car I took it there for a diagnostics check. before I got up off my seat it was a $600 bill starting with a diag charge of $189. They gave me a list of things that needed addressing.. I have an Independent repair shop (or INDY) that I took the car to, he works on European cars mostly... He has been my savior. I didn't need 1/2 of what they were trying to get me for. Try to find a good INDY, I see you're in NY, where in NY? I grew up in Westchester County.

09-21-2012, 07:34 AM
Man if it says I'm from ny I need to change my profile! South Georgia, and yes I'll have to find someone else or turn wrenches myself, I started to jump on it but having not worked on BMW before I thought there would be bunches of tools that I needed, specialty type stuff. Plus at the time I didn't have much time to devote and in no way did I think I would wind up with a 4k repair bill to fix oil leaks. Or should i say attempt to fix! Friggin crazy, stupid.