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Ordered from Beverly Hills BMW

09-22-2012, 02:19 PM
Had a pleasant experience ordering from Beverly Hills BMW this morning. Long story commences:

I could have/should have ordered weeks ago. But oh well. What happened was I and my partner were shopping for a much needed second car at the end of August, and having read something about the BMW X1, I stopped by South Bay BMW, near my home. They suddenly had a demo (I guess BMW sent out quite a few at this time). We fell in love, but were hesitating because we really needed a car. But we also really wanted an X1 s28 RWD with Premium Package and the Lighting Package (for the Xenon).

We were told - and I basically believe this - that it would be a very very long wait to find/order such a model. So we were shown some cars coming in, and put a deposit on a Glacier Silver with only the Premium Package.

So I tracked that Silver X1, but also would sometimes, in slow times at work, look around at online inventory, including near my brother's home in Northern California (East Bay). And a couple weeks ago, I saw a Bronze X1 up there with guess what? Premium/Lighting!

So I considered buying it but first contacted South Bay BMW, where they told me they could not get that exact model without charging me for freight to So Cal. In the meanwhile, that Nor Cal BMW dealership told me the Bronze with Premium/Lighting was actually sold. I emailed my South Bay BMW CA to ask if we had any options, but got no response.

Then just a couple days ago I learned that Nor Cal BMW had not sold after all, and they would deal with me if I found my way up there. But on short notice and having to travel on a Saturday, I hesitated. I reached out to South Bay BMW again, and this time I was basically told "Sounds like you won't be happy with the Silver X1 you have a deposit on. You can consider it released and your deposit cancelled." Which is actually a nice way to handle things at that point. It's just we took a few weeks to get there.

So last night I just used the BMW USA "Build Your BMW" feature which ends with "Ask for a Quote."

I built an X1 in Mineral Grey with Ultimate Package, Lighting, and Harmon/Kardon. I sent this to two dealerships close to my work location, figuring that will be as convenient Mon-Fri as working with a dealership close to home.

Beverly Hills BMW got back to me literally within an hour. We set up an appointment, and I went in this morning. They looked for stock, realized it wasn't going to happen, and took the order. I don't claim to be a hard negotiator, but they easily agreed to 3% off MSRP.

I'm happy. Don't slam me with "You could have got 5% off!" or "5% below invoice!" or "They should have paid you to take it!". lol

Now another long wait, but at least, this will be the X1 my partner and I want.

End of long story.

09-22-2012, 07:17 PM
I wonder why the dealer with your deposit didn't offer to order the car you wanted. All the cars are coming from the same factory. I had ordered the wrong trim and was able to change my order with my original dealer. No harm, no foul. They could have saved the sale and maybe gotten it sooner. Just wondering.
Congrats on getting the car you wanted. It can seem to be a long wait, but it actually is flying by!

09-23-2012, 06:52 AM
It's hard to say why South Bay BMW and the CA gave me the impression they didn't want to take an order. I take some of the blame because I wanted a car as soon as possible. My partner's car was near death when we started this process in late August, and soon did die. We then had to share one car, and will continue to have to do so for several weeks now. But our car needs have changed as of this week, so it will be easier. Other LA residents will understand that using LA public transport is mostly pretty tricky. My commute went from about 35-45 minutes by car to at least 90 minutes, walk/bus/train/train/walk. But boy did I see another side of LA, a side it is good to be reminded is many people's reality.

From the beginning we said we wanted premium and lighting packages, but that the lighting packages could maybe be dropped. And we had color preferences (I don't really want to have a black or white car). So South Bay BMW and the CA actually did a good thing finding an incoming Silver s28 with premium. But in the last couple of weeks, as more inventory hit CA dealerships, I began to realize we probably compromised too much. So I communicated that to our CA, and no, she didn't really offer to have us come in and place an order for the car we wanted.

It's all fine. I should say that even Beverly Hills BMW first tried real hard to see if they could identify anything coming in close to what we want, and even after placing the order, the CA said, "Hey if we find something later like what you ordered, but maybe with a couple extras, if we match the price will you be interested?" And I said "Depends but probably." So apparently most any dealership would rather sell from stock or trade from stock that place an order.