View Full Version : BMW e65 750i Auto Box Issue

09-23-2012, 09:54 AM
Hi All,

I wonder if you could help please. I have an issue with the gearbox on my 2005 E65 750i UK spec. Car has done 129k miles with annual servicing.

In normal drive it works absolutely fine - moves through gears without issue. However recently I was driving in Sport mode due to the terrain (lots of steep hills, up and down so needed it to stay in gear longer). I went to slow down and it went into 1st (I wasn't in manual, but I noticed it went into 1st). Went to pull away, rev's went to about 3k and then it seemed to "launch", which is very odd. It's almost like the 1st gear wasn't engaged, and the gearbox got confused, remembered what it was supposed to do then jammed itself into gear, by which time it was at 3k rev's and a bucket load of torque going through it - needless to say it was almost a trans-break style launch - and definitely not something I would expect from this car!

I am going to take the car in shortly to get a gearbox oil and filter change, and get the rear diff oil changed too, just for good practice as it's never been done, but was wondering if anyone has had similar issues?

There were no errors on dash/computer, but I don't have an OBD kit etc so can't check if there were any errors logged. Is there a way for me to find out without taking the car to someone with OBD kit?

Thanx, Richard