: Friendly

10-19-2012, 02:52 PM

I recently ordered an m6 coupe and it finally arrived at the dealer. I thought I had done my research prior to ordering the car and wanted to stay within a certain monthly so I choose the most important options to me in order to stay within budget. The car is a 36 month lease with the following: 20 inch rims, HOD, BMW apps and vented seats. I passed on the executive package. I now wish I had not because the full led headlights look amazing and give the car a different look which I didn't realize until now. Of course bmw does not offer led headlamps as an individual option, I am uncertain why. Regardless, I have yet to take delivery of the vehicle and can defer and order another. My question to everyone here with m experience is are those led lights and the few other options included in that package worth waiting for another delivery or would most of you take the car as is. I realize this question is personal opinion but perhaps some of you can give some additional insight before I make another big decision. Thank you in advance.