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: Hurricane Sandy: Impact on Travel and What to Do If Stranded

10-28-2012, 05:21 PM
Stranded by Sandy? Here’s What to Do and What Not to Do (

by Jonathan Spira
Around the country, thousands of travelers are finding out that their travel plans to either get to a meeting or return home are being upended after Hurricane Sandy caused U.S. airlines to cancel close to 8,000 flights through Tuesday. Most travelers will first be able to board an aircraft on Wednesday, if they are lucky.

The storm didn’t come without lots of warning and airlines have been offering customers the opportunity …
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Hurricane Sandy Impacts Travel As Airports and Mass Transit Shut Down (

by Paul Riegler

NEW YORK CITY–A storm that has the potential to impact over 50 million people is moving up the East Coast of the United States, promising to cause massive power failures and flooding in its wake.

The nation’s airlines have already cancelled over 5,000 flights and Amtrak announced it would suspend train service in the Northeast starting at 7 p.m. Both New York and Philadelphia are shutting down their mass transit systems … (