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: M6 Initial Experience w/Notes

10-28-2012, 10:56 PM
Hi folks... I'm new to BMW, having been a WRX and Infiniti owner previously, currently driving a Volt for a daily driver, and having been seriously torn concerning a Maserati Grantourismo, Panamera, or Godzilla for this purchase. I thought I would share a few notes concerning my 2013 M6 Coupe (Sakhir orange, FYI), delivery, and initial experience:

Almost a whole month from paying for the (showroom) vehicle (9/29) to receiving it (10/26). On the recommendation of my dealer, I ultimately reached out to BMW USA and they appear to have facilitated the oil pump repair. OK, it was unexpected and successfully repaired, so no big deal.
Documentation/placard discrepancy: The placard declares the rear sunshade as exactly that, a "sunshade," but the manual calls it a "roller blind" or something similar, making it almost impossible to locate in the index. I finally found the button.
Documentation error: The manual calls out "Save name" as the mechanism for recording a caller voice identifier, but that doesn't work. There is no "Save name." Instead, use "Phonebook" -> (name) to call folks.
Rattle in the steering column at 70mph on certain freeway textures. Still investigating.
Garage remote only works with power on accessory mode or vehicle running... unlike any other car I've had.
Double pull unlock/open doors are a bit odd. Unclear what the motivation is for this feature.

Other than that, It's a sweet machine and I've been enjoying the testing/learning cycle as I unravel the features and ground them in everyday experience. I thought I would share these notes to help others who may be perplexed :)

10-29-2012, 09:49 PM
But, how did it drive! ;)

10-29-2012, 10:50 PM
Like poetry: sensuous but not overstated rumble; meaty, dead-on steering; luscious attack and carve of corners; dangerously calm at dangerous speeds.

But, I will also add that I just like to look at the thing, especially from the front and the rear (side not so much). It is elegantly aggressive, like a jaguar in a crouch.