: Got wife in the X5 left seat for 1st time

07-22-2004, 01:37 PM
The battery in her 330 died, so she took the automatic tranny X5 while I shifted (pardon the pun) to the 540. Dropped her off, gave her a quick once over with the car, set up her seat and sent her off. She looked pretty cute even if she WAS a stereotypically tiny housewife swallowed up by her SUV. (Sorry- sAv)

After she arrived at her destination she called to say, "Hope you get used to driving my car! (the 330) I can see EVERYTHING in this truck!" She had been able to spy a parking spot and was thrilled. She did feel the typical worry with backing out a much larger vehicle, but I think she'll get used to it if she gives it a chance.

She didnt have our newborn with her, but I am hopeful that she gets to like it more and more. I will admit to being a MUCH more relaxed driver in the X than in the 6 speed 540 or her automatic 330. I would miss that on my daily commute, but not to the point that I would mind giving up the X for her 330.