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: Italy in May

02-14-2013, 02:59 PM
Just bought tickets for two weeks in Italy in late May.

Here is a tentative itinerary. It will be me, the wife, and our 4 year old.
Nights of May 13-14 Milan (with daytrip to Lake Como)
15-17 Trento I have a conference at the University. possible day trip to Riva del Garda
18-20 Verona with a daytrip to Venice (wife has never been)
21-25 San Gimignano south of Florence Found a really spectacular agriturismo
26 Drive back to Milan via Pisa
27 Fly home

02-21-2013, 07:14 AM
Does the above mean you have two nights in Milan, three nights in Trento, three Verona, five Tuscany, then one night Milan?

I would have done it a little differently:

Nights of May 13-14 Venice (2 nights)
15-17 Trento (three nights)
18-19 Verona (two nights)
20-24 San Gimignano (5 nights)
25 26 Cernobbio near Milan (2 nights). Boat ride to mid-lake on the 26th. You will arrive late afternoon on the 25th which really only gives the one day (the 26th) to visit. If you want to see the Lake at all, stay here. If you want to see Milan, stay in Milan instead. Unlikely to see both in such a limited amount of time.
27 Fly home from Milan. About an hour-ish ride to Milan's airport from Cernobbio.

If you really prefer to see Lakes and Milan, then you will have to dump something else. You only have 14 nights, so 5 destinations with one that is a long-ish drive away from the others is pushing it.

If, for instance, you dumped Verona you would have an extra two days to move to something else. Move back the Tuscany days, and tack on two more days to Lake Como (for instance). All destinations are fantastic, but you're stretching yourself thin.

02-26-2013, 12:40 PM
Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely keep it in mid as we finalize our plans. I do have a few constraints that complicate things. Work obligations mean I have to be in Trento May 16-18. Also we'll be traveling with a 4 year old so I want to avoid getting off a plane in Milan and immediately getting on a train the same day.