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: what do you think of this: "Farecla black top

08-28-2004, 11:48 AM
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=575 align=center border=0>*******><TR><TD>Black Top Product Information </TD></TR><TR><TD>http://www.farecla.com/photos//Pictures/Automotive/Finishing2/BT%20Range2.jpg High performance glaze for hand application. Provides a durable, high gloss, showroom finish whilst still allowing fresh paint to "breathe" and fully cure.

Features and Benefits:
Does not dry out in use, even in direct sunlight.
Contains water repellent properties
Provides a long lasting high gloss finish - even withstanding the final valet wash.
Easy to apply and clean off - does not dry on the panel.
Quick and economical to use - only a small amount of product is needed.
VOC free.

For use with:
For Application - Mutton Cloth
For Buffing - Finishing Cloth

For use on:
High Solids Paintwork
Medium Solids/Air dried & low bake
Cellulose Paintwork
OEM Paintwork

<TABLE>*******><TR><TD width=130>Product</TD><TD align=middle width=110>Product Code</TD><TD align=middle width=90>Pack Size</TD><TD align=middle width=130>Carton Quantity</TD><TD align=middle width=90>VOC Content</TD></TR>********></TABLE>
<TABLE>*******><TR><TD width=130>Small Bottle</TD><TD align=middle width=110>BT-500</TD><TD align=middle width=90>500ml</TD><TD align=middle width=130>12</TD><TD align=middle width=90>Nil</TD></TR>********></TABLE>
<TABLE>*******><TR><TD width=130>Large Bottle</TD><TD align=middle width=110>BT-1000</TD><TD align=middle width=90>1 litre</TD><TD align=middle width=130>6</TD><TD align=middle width=90>Nil</TD></TR>********></TABLE>

Commodity Codes and Packing Details (http://www.farecla.com/index2.asp?id=110&stage=Commodity Codes and Packing Information&set=4) </TD></TR><TR><TD><!-- Previous Page --><!-- Next Page --></TD></TR><!-- end sections detail --><TR><TD class=bodyText width=575><!-- sections detail --><TABLE border=0>*******><TR><TD></TD><TD class=sectionLink> Black Top - How to use (http://www.farecla.com/index2.asp?id=337&stage=Black Top - How to use&set=4) </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD class=sectionLink> Black Top MSDS [download file] (http://www.farecla.com/photos/pdf/automotive/black%20top.pdf) </TD></TR>********></TABLE><!-- end sections detail --></TD></TR>********></TABLE>