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: Anyone ever tried this polish?

09-15-2004, 07:31 AM
A friend of mine posted this in our local forum, and he gave up zaino for it, anyone else tried this? Here's his post on it:

"For any of you closet detailers out there I figured I would pass along my recommendation as far as products go. I know a few of you were curious as to what I use on my car and where it can be bought at.

Anyways here goes. Its called Finish First made by LiquiTech. Its not very popular in the mainstream crowd but it is very much the same type of product that Zaino is, and I'm sure everyone has heard of it. To be honest I'm not sure why FinishFirst isn't more known. I used to swear by Zaino but was turned on by a friend to Finish First. He explained that it was better, cheaper, alot easier to apply, and lasted longer than Zaino....I didn't believe it until I tried it and I haven't looked back since. I actually have a full kit of zaino in my garage thats been sitting there for a year or so.

Anyways here is the scoop.

You can purchase the products from the following places:

The SeeItShine website is a bit cheaper but I have ordered from both and they are both legit websites and very quick delivery.

For starters I would recommend the following products:

Finish First Polish (Main product that does all the work)
Finish First Conditioner & Wash (Car Wash Solution, it goes fast)
Finish Fast (This is similar to the Z7 quick Polish)
If you have swirls I would recommend 3m Swirl Remover

and for those of you with older finishes or finishes in bad shape you may want to order the Finish Prep as well. This cleans the paint and removes oxidation and does a very good job of it. Although on newer paint its not needed.

Basically once you strip your previous coats of wax (Dawn), then use the conditioner to wash it down. Make sure its good and dry and Then just go at it with the Finish First Polish (or if your using Finish Prep then use it first). I usually do two coats right on top of each other. Its super easy to apply and its not anywhere nearly as quirky as Zaino and doesn't cause streaks. It takes 15 mins to cure so there is no need for ZFX like Zaino. The more coats of polish the better.

The wax lasts forever and to get it looking good again just simply wash it down with the conditioner. Or if your in a hurry just use the Finish Fast to remove any bugs, road grime, bird crap or whatever else might be stuck to your paint. It does an awesome job of removing anything without hurting your paint. You can even use the Finish Fast on your windows to remove water spots.

Oh and for best results use a Terry Cloth pad for application and for removal use a terry cloth towl. You can pick both of these up at Target or Advanced auto for a couple bucks. You pretty much have to throw away the applicator pads for the Finish First Polish since I have found NO way to get it out after it has dried. I've soaked them for days in everything I can think of. That goes to show you how durable this stuff is."

09-25-2004, 01:27 AM
Never heard of it before.

I'd stick to my klasse and pinnacle until someone tries this stuff out.