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: Interior Cleaning- Need Advice

09-19-2004, 01:29 PM
Hi all. Great Forum. I recently bought an X5 4.4 and need some advice on products to clean the interior. What is recommended for:

Wood trim
Rugs (dirt stains, etc.)
Sport steering wheel
Dash console
Rubber mats
Bumpers/outside trim (I know it's not exterior- thought I'd sneak it in!)?

It's been 6 years since I owned a BMW- I'm used to Armorall'ing an old Camry. Also, I'm not going to get too wrapped up into cleaning my car- I'd prefer to be able to get something locally retail.


09-19-2004, 07:37 PM
MOthers products I perfer.I also like Maguires.

Buy a very soft brush and use 20% all purpose and 80%
water.Spray on leather and massage with brush lighty.This will get the dirt out of the grain of the leather.Then use a very high quality leather conditioner.
You could use Mothers Interior Leather cleaner and conditioner.Good stuff.

As far as the dash,trim door apnels etc,again high quality all purpose 20/80.the head liner I think if you can get a foaming glass cleaner,that will work perfect for dust marks and light wind dirt.

Windex or any proven brand you like will work fine.Use a terry cloth towel instead of new paper or paper towels.One wet one and one dry one works great for a no smear finish.

Many companies make a foaming cleaner.These products seem to work well on all but the deepest stains.It this point you need a heavier mix of all purpose 40% all purpose and 60% water.spray on the dirty surface and scrub with a firmer bush then the leater one.Work untill the stain lifts,then use a vaccum to suck up any left over dirt and product.You can also use a terry towel to suck up some of the all purpose from the rug.Run the heater and allow to dry a bit.

All Purpose comes in many different grades.I feel Simple green and Castrols purple all purpose works almost as good as professional all purpose.Ardex makes a pruple marine cleaner that works better then any other all purpose I have used.If you can buy a gallon and some spray bottles of it,get that and don't look back.


09-28-2004, 06:36 PM
My routine:

Dash - Griot's Interior Cleaner followed by Zymol vinyl protectant (I think I'm the only one that uses it but I like it)

Wood Trim - 100% cotton cloth with water only; dry with 100% cotton cloth

Rugs - Woolite carpet cleaner

Steering wheel - Griot's interior cleaner on the vinyl but I never clean the leather portion

Seats - Lexol cleaner and protectant after

Trim - I leave it alone until in needs Forever Black

Good Luck