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Differences in DA's....

09-20-2004, 12:35 PM
Can anyone tell me what the real difference is between the 7424 and the 7337SP? I've done the research, but all of the descriptions seem to have the same wording. 2500 - 6000 rpms, yada yada. I'm just looking for something that is used on 4 to 5 personal cars. No outside work, no need for the commercial product. Thanks in advance.

09-20-2004, 04:13 PM
Do you mean the 7336SP it comes with sanding discs.

Model 7336SP
Standard Equipment: Sander, polishing pad #54745, sanding discs, wrench #48779, side handle, and operating manual

Model 7424
Standard Equipment: Polisher, polishing pad #54745, wrench #48779, side handle, and operating manual

09-20-2004, 09:50 PM
Ahhh, nothing I had read actually had the info on the sanding bits. Thanks.