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: 3 series BMW chrome grille kits for sale

05-26-2002, 02:58 PM
I have BMW chrome grille conversion kits available for all BMW's, including the E36, E46, and Z3. I have included some before and after pics below. If you have another BMW model, feel free to email me and I will send you pics of your model with my kit on there. The kits are $33.00 shipped to the UK, $30.00 in the US. The chrome finished strips are precut for your BMW model, so no cutting is required by you. They are durable and high quality, and fit over the black slats on your grille. Please email me with any questions or orders, or if you would like to see references. I accept checks, money orders, Paypal, and american currency (for those UK'ers). Thanks.
<img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/E46%20Chrome%20Grille%20Before.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/E46%20Chrome%20Grille%20After.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/E36%2097up%20Chrome%20Grille%20Before.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf2/E36%20Chrome%20Grille%2097up%20After.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/E36%20Chrome%20Grille%20After.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/Z3%20Chrome%20Grille%20Before.jpg><p><img src=http://www.bimmer.info/bmw/apdf1/Z3%20Chrome%20Grille%20After%202.jpg>

05-26-2002, 03:51 PM
Hey, what are our policies regarding SPAMMERS? Jon, Ashe?

05-26-2002, 03:56 PM
Dunno about spam, which this post technically isn't, but I was wondering if the site had policies regarding commercial posts when I saw this. I would guess they take a dim view of anyone engaging in advertising who hasn't previously paid for that priviledge.

05-26-2002, 04:13 PM
There is a FOR SALE forum anyway :dunno:

05-26-2002, 06:44 PM
First off, I didnt put my email before. Its bmwgrilles@hotmail.com
Second, I didnt see the for sale forum to be honest, I did look.
Main point is I dont spam these boards daily, this is once. If you guys dont like it, dont read the thread. I always find it funny when someone complains on a message board about something, especially in the format bimmerfest is in in that it doesnt show every reply, you have to click on the thread to see the replies.....if you dont want to see it or read it, dont click on the thread!!

JT - '02 330i
05-26-2002, 07:45 PM
It definately should be in the for sale section.

What gets me annoyed by these posts, is that it's never the folks with 50 or so posts that post for sale stuff, but the drive by spammers.

I take offense to the notion that, "it's just one post, don't click it if you don't like it", as it's just plain rude, and shows a disrepect for the community at large.

Plenty of email arrives in my mailbox, that the same could be said for it. Hot chicks, Viagra, Mortgage etc, and we call that spam.

Be gone you drive by chromed grill spammer.