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: Advice needed, I oops'ed wifes ML

10-17-2004, 12:26 PM
While doing some work in the garage today, removing a small spot of damaged drywall on the ceiling, I dropped a small peice, maybe 6" x 8", which glanced across the door of her Silver 2005 ML500. Impact occured on the rear door, just below the window trim, right where the door panel curves toward the window.

It made what I describe as a soft scratch, and there is a tiny indentation, sort of similar to a door ding. If you look across from the front or back, you can see a bend in the reflection, is the best I can describe it. About 1/4" wide, 1" vertically, and just barely deep enough that I can feel it.

I think I could hand polish the minor scratch, but don't know what the best approach would be. I read the sticky on scratch repairs, but this spot is not through the paint like those pictured.

Is this the kind of thing that requires the skills of a body shop? It seems very minor, but I'm afraid to try sanding & touchup painting on my own.

I'm in Montgomery Co. MD. Any recommendations for ding specialists in the area? I hate to go back to the dealer for such a small thing. Being as I was told to move the car before I started working on my silly little project, and I stupidly did not do as I was told, I'm somewhat in the doghouse right about now.

Any / all recomendations greatly appreciated.


10-18-2004, 07:36 AM
~One mans opinion / observations~

You could try Megs ScratchX to remove the surface scratch and then take it to a Paintless Dent Removal shop (yellow pages?)

~Hope this helps~

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