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: Brake Service

10-24-2004, 09:11 PM
I recently had my 540i serviced at the Houston BMW dealership downtown because my check brake lite turned on. The service technician insisted I had to change my front rotors with my brake pads (linings). The service center charged about $800 USD. Is this typical, even after having an Inspection II service about 2 months ago? This is a 1999 Certified 540i I purchased November of last year.

Should my bills have added up so quickly and expensively within the first year of owning a Certified PreOwned BMW?

10-24-2004, 09:27 PM
That is the typical cost of brake service at a BMW dealer. As much as $1000 for a full job, front and rear, rotors, pads, sensors.

When I priced out brakes (parts only) for the E38, OEM at a discount dealer parts department was about $475. (This is a dealer that sells at less than the suggested retail price, usually way under my local dealer, even with shipping if it's not too heavy an item.) was about $425, and was about $350.

At Inspection II they should have told you how much life you had left in your brakes.

Often, pads and rotors are changed at the same time. The rotors have a minimum spec and generally do not get "turned."

A CPO car should have decent brakes on them, but driving behavior will determine if a set of brakes should last more than one year. My E38 brakes are currently 30K miles old, my E39 brakes are 25K miles old. The E38 was CPO and had brand new brakes when I bought the car.

A good BMW independent shop can do your preventative maintenance and it will not void your CPO warranty. Keep records so you can show that the car was maintained. A good independent that specializes in BMWs will tell you what things on your car need attention AND if it is covered under CPO. Then you take the car to the dealer for that work.