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: Successful bird stain removal!

10-30-2004, 11:08 AM
Sorry, didn't think to have before/after pics as I couldn't wait to try out 3M's Swirl Mark Remover which just arrived.

A week ago, I noticed 3 bird-poop plops on the passenger side - this had been on for at least 2 days since it was the last time I drove the car, and I typically do a quick once around before driving away. I have the OB color (shows everything) and after carefully removing the dried hard stuff, dang, there were the dreaded acid stain marks.

Did a search on this board and following recommendations from several individuals (Alee esp.), I removed the wax over the stain areas with dishwashing detergent and left it to allow the acids to evaporate. Ordered 3M's SMR and IHG as well as P21's Paintwork Cleanser (was starting to freak out!) and it finally arrived yesterday.

Thought I'd give the SMR a try first, and after the first application, there was less stain visible, but still there. Did about 4 applications and each time, it was less and less visible until the 4th time, I couldn't even tell where the stain marks were. Really regreted not taking before and after pics, but I can vouch for and recommend the SMR (didn't even try the IHG or the P21). Finished off by re-applying a new coat of Klasse over the area - thanks, guys...I'll sit down now! :D