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: New member; new bimmer :)

11-01-2004, 04:22 AM
Hi guys,
I just got my 530iA 2003 titanium silver on grey (seemed stupid to me!) but I like it now. The car has only 10500 miles :) but few things really bug me :cry: so please would anyone help:

1- You can see the steering wheel shaking in the range 50-70. I got the car to the dealer and they said I have got two bent rims with two of them having flat spots. Seriously, I have not heard about flat spots untill I have got the BMW and two bent rims is just another thing that makes me crazy. The dealer said it is because you have a low profile tires (235/45 ZR 17) and they get easily bent with bumpy roads. As a solution they fitted the good ones at the front and the bad ones in the back. I took it for a test drive and the shaking is really the same. What could the problem be? is it tires anymore or those mushy rims?

2- I think the wind rush is really hard on highways driving against wind. Mercedes Benz really are quieter. The dealer ajusted the doors but to wash out my complain they said I would have had a wistle if there was air leak. Should not a BMW be quieter? I mean wind rush starts to be noticeable at 50!

3- When I first had the car, the brakes were incredible, half way press would stop the car immediately and when pressing steadly you would feel brake assist increasing brake force. Unfortuantely this feeling is gone after 3000 miles is that normal to wear out the brake pads easily?

Did anybody have the same comments, or can you halp?

11-01-2004, 05:50 AM
Dented rims are very noticeable, I generally can only put up with it for a few weeks before I get fed up and have them straightened. Unfortunately, I've dented 1-2 rims 3 times now.

11-01-2004, 06:06 AM
1- E39's are notoriously sesnitive to suspension anomoly. Check all rubber busings up front. If the car has been towed improperly, you're in for some $$.

2- Check the front jack pads. They're underneath the car and behind the frornt wheel. If they're missing, you'll get excessive wind noise.

3- Maybe you're just used to the brakes, now? :p If the car had fine brakes when you bought it but they'd never been replaced. If you've driven or braked it hard another 3000 miles(1/3 the original miles), you could be in for set of pads and rotors.

11-01-2004, 06:54 AM
Check to see if the windshield was ever replaced. If so, this could also contribute to your wind noise problem.

Even the slightest bend in a rim, or wheel out of balance will cause shimmy in your wheel. Suspensions on BMWs are very communicative and don't mask anything like that. Also, flat spotting on certain brands/models of tires is more noticeable too. I have Bridgestone S-03's on my car and they flat spot after sitting for a while. Once tires warm up it goes away.

I had 2 wheels repaired after a run-in with some potholes and was very dissatisfied with the results. You may want to look for a used pair in perfect condition to replace your 2 bent wheels.

Welcome to the 'fest!

11-03-2004, 01:58 AM
Thanks guys for your replies.
I will check on the rubbers though I think they are there as the wind rush is not considered excessive.. But I am really disappointed with the wind rush and rims mostly. Cuz the agent keeps telling me that BMW rims gets bent easily; so mushy. Do audis and mercedes get bent easily too :confused: ?!?! And man what brakes are these that gets wear just after 3000 miles.. I changed the brakes 4 times for my old chevy and it has 90700 on it :D ..

So guys, what would be a plus for BMW than any other car? I recently have tried lots of cars Volvo S60, Accord and new Altema, etc.. yes they all drive nice especially the Volvo (man the engine with the turbo is :thumbup: for inter-city) and the accord is japanese looks in german tech...

German cars are no longer reliable or might be reliable for way extra cost :thumbdwn: I don't know what I am going to do with mine :) I just like it...

Any comments :)

11-04-2004, 04:41 PM
Your brake fade/change is most likely NOT the pad wearing out. Your car is too new to need a fluid change but excessive water in the lines is what causes mushy brakes more often than not but the period of time for it to change so drastically is puzzling. Have the pads/rotors checked as well as your fluid.

I don't think that the stock/OEM BMW rims (17") bend so easily. It is the guys who move up to 18" and 19" wheels that have more problems with bent rims...there just isn't much rubber between the rim and the street or pothole. As everyone said, BMW suspensions are very, very finicky. When everything is working, they are best out there but when something wears or gets bent/damaged, they can be a PITA to find the source. Still, your car is too new for any suspension components to have worn unless the previous driver did something.

My 2001 530i has 50k on it and is doing well. Nothing terribly major happend and I have every reason to believe she'll be trouble-free well past 100k. :)


11-06-2004, 01:49 AM
You are definitely right 17" shouldn't bend easily, just for mind relief I will go to Perrili and have my tires and rims checked as a second opinion. The steering wheel starts shaking at 50 which is city speed... that's just too much.. and my rims really have no single scratch on them...

Speaking about water in the brake lines. how would it get there if I might ask?

About the wind rush, last night I drove my uncle's 525 and yes it is quieter marginally (6-8 dB) for me it is alot (imagine against wind )

How do I know if I have the sports package or not (no M marks on my car)?