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: Car Detail question

11-01-2004, 12:56 PM
Hi, all:

Here is my problem. I did not drive my car for the past 2 and half years because of a temporary overseas assignment. The car basically just sat in the garage. My brother drove it once a month. I washed it twice while I was back for a short visit. Now that I am back, I started driving it. Yesterday, I washed it and waxed it. Usually, after the wax, the car surface feels very smooth. However, this time, the car surface did not feel smooth, it felt that there is stuff on the car,like little, tiny sand. At certain spots, it feels like there is a very thin film of stufff on it. IBefore I waxed it, I also used 3M imperial hand glaze. So, how do I get that smooth feeling back on the surface? Use Clay?


John Wang.

11-01-2004, 02:00 PM
Clay will remove that "embedded crud" you are feeling.
I use clay with car shampoo instead of the spray lube.
I wash normally, then go back and take 1/3 of the clay and break it off and roll into a ball. Now flatten it into a pancake. Just reapply some soapy water and rub the same way you wash. Not much pressure is needed. You will "feel" the crap on the paint. Once it feels smooth, just rinse the soap off and do the next panel.