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: Added some bass! and new pics.

11-07-2004, 02:59 PM
Finally got around to installing my sub, and finally taking a few new pics. The sub is a focal polyflex 27H (I think) and a dimensions amp (can't remember exact model). My brother gave me his sub and amp which was in his 325, but his zhp came with HK so he did not want it. I just wanted some bass, not crazy-blow-your-eardrums-out bass. I used a line-out converter so I could use it with my stock headunit. It sounds great, nice and clear bass.
Also took some new fog pics.

Here is the set-up, unfortunately, the box was to big to fit under the trunk shade, so I had to place it in it's back. I will be getting a new box that will fit under it, but a few places want about $200, just for a box. I know I know, it's kind of ghetto placement, but until I have an extra $200 it will stay like that. It does not affect performance. Or you can donate $200 to me:thumbup:
If you have any questions about the install, feel free to ask.

Here are some fog pics.