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Is there a bluetooth kit ready for the '04 5 series?

525i Cobra
11-09-2004, 09:07 PM
Has anyone done this? I am so mad to learn that it is standard on the 05, but I can't get it installed on an 04? :mad:

I really want to make this happen, any help would be much appreciated!!

11-12-2004, 11:16 PM
Yes, there is a Bluetooth retrofit procedure that has been developed and is just now out. It retains BMW Assist functionality (if you have it, asin the US), and adds a bunch of useful features as well. pharding did it on his MY2004 E60 a couple of weks ago at Motor Werks of Barrington and I did it on my MY2004 6 series. There's lots of reading on this at E60 <dot> net and r o a d f l y as well. I like this enthusiastic crowd, too, but hat's where the posts are at! Here's a quick link for a summary for my experience, and a link to others:

Short summary: SW-only retrofit and cable connection for E60/63/64 cars built between 3/2004-8/2004. Cost: $100 (a lot less than the actual cost of the BT option, currently an 800 Euro option in Germany, where this can be ordered a la carte). Cool new features include:
* calling name display (from your phone book entries)
* dial by name (without training required, from your phone book entries)
* automatic synch of your phone's address book to the car

Please read the related post on finding a phone that is compatible with the BMW BT system.