View Full Version : Another satellite radio / nav question

11-14-2004, 01:25 PM
So, my X3 is about to be built, but I managed to not select the satellite radio prep when I bought it. I contacted my dealer, but it looks like it is too late to add the satellite prep. He did say he knew a guy who could put in XM for me, though, I'm guessing with the blitzsafe adaptor. I

My X3 is going to have nav - so the question is whether I could get XM or sirius at all without the satellite prep. I have looked through these forums but not found the answer.

Also, I'm wondering if someone could lay down a list of the options that can or can't go in with nav, if they know. In other words, if you have nav and satellite can you not get a 6-disc changer? Or if you have nav and satellite can you not do the i-pod adapter?

Thanks in advance for your help.