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12-07-2004, 10:33 AM
Sup guys. Problems arising from the car. First my left rear air spring gave out. Now the car won't reverse. If the car is on a flat pavement, the car would move very slow. If the car is on an angle and the rear is higher than the front, the car would just rev while in reverse. Saddest part is it has a warranty on drivetrain & engine by "AuotSave", bastards. The dealer that sold me the car and assured me that if anything is wrong w/the engine or tranny the warranty will cover it 100%, no money out of my pocket. A couple weeks later AutoSave sent me the warranty forms w/an oil additives. Stupid me did not bother reading the warranty form & now the warranty people said they only cover $60/hr on labor. The BMW dealer in Concord, CA said that my reverse is shot but there is no metal particles from the oil that was drained out. They also do not rebuilt a tranny so they need to replace it with a remanufactured tranny. AutoSave wants it dissassemble so they can figure out what is the "CAUSE" of the problem. I guess those ****** wants to justify that it is "Wear & Tear", so they can get away from paying. The car was 100,000 miles when I purchased it back in March or May, & now it is 115,xxx miles. Do you know anyone around that is certified to work in BMW tranny around my neighborhood, Contra Costa/Concord. Do you think I still have grounds for claiming LEMON car or anything. Just a little help guys, input anything to get out of this mess. BTW for future buyers read the warranty before you sign on the dotted line. It was never presented to me prior to buying the car.