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: Rear end Chatter, click,click,click,click

12-20-2004, 05:56 PM
Bought a 1999 528 w 40k miles. Seems in great condition. But...on occasion when I accelerate the rear seems to chatter or click (multiple clicks of short staccatos numbering in 6-10 ) before engaging and powering up. Noticed this in several scenarios. Entering pavement from soft should I move slowly and then upon pushing accelator I got a clicking of perhaps8-10 clicks. Also has done it on doing a Calif stop, not fully stopping and then when accelerating getting the same clicking multiples before engaging and accelerating. There seems to be a trans lag in this one.

Is this an ATC normal function/sound ? Thanks for your assist.

By way, the ATC light does not seem to activate in these