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: EuroSport, Conforti, Shark Intake review

12-21-2004, 10:32 AM
I finally did it.
After installing my SuperSprint exhaust and cutting out the middle resonator on my 2001 530i, I decided to get Conforti - Shark Intake.
It took about 5 days to get to my house.
Everything was boxed up nicely in oversize box. Instructions were good and clear, no problem at all, except getting the electric fan connector unplugged. My hands are pretty thick and it took me several tries to unplug it and then another several tries to plug it back in. (the plug had to go through the hole in heat shield)

The most important thing about this product is that it actually blocks the heat coming from the engine to the filter area. I have purchased an infrared thermometer just to test the difference between temperatures in the enclosure and outside.
After driving around for 20 minutes I opened the hood and measured the surface of a HID ballast box (retro kit) on both sides. Left box is placed inside the CAI enclosure and the other box is on the right "unshielded" side. They were both metal so they were good heat conductors.
The results? The surface of the box inside heat shield enclosure was 22 degrees cooler than the one on the right side -"unshielded" side. I was pretty impressed by these findings.
Keep in mind that the outside temperature was about 34F, CAI enclosure showed 44F and unshielded one showed 66F. Also, the car was not moving, so I assume that if it was the temperature would drop very close to outside temp.

How about the butt-dino?
All I can say that the most noticeable gain is in sound, but you also can definitely feel car pulling stronger, it feels more torquey no doubt.
The most important thing for me, is that if you want to keep the car sounding "stock", you just shift the gears around 3K, so this way your wife does not notice a new mod. Then, when you feel like you want to transform you 530 into sport machine, just step on it...... and entire hell breaks loose. The sound coming out of the intake and exhaust make it sound like you're driving an aggressive sport's car, instead of a quiet and choked up 5er :))))))).

12-27-2004, 09:08 AM
Interesting...I have the CAI from BenFer and its filter goes in the fender well. Doesn't exactly make for easy filter changes but seems to me it would get even cooler air. Glad you like the fairly simple mod. :)