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: NORCAL Bay / Sacramento 1/16/04 Coast run

12-29-2004, 07:28 PM
Norcal Bay area / Sacramento 1/16/04 meet/run

Hello all, hope everyone had a safe holiday season?

For out first event of 2005 we will be doing the classic HW 1 north run to HW 128. We will be watching the weather but hopefully we can pull it off.

For those who do not wish to go all the way up to HW 128, there are several places where you can peel off and had to HW 101 to get back home. I will have a CA HW if you do decide to peel off early. I can give you directions on how to get home.

For those who wish to go all the way to HW 128 it will take most of the day.

Meeting place: Chevron at
204 Flamingo Rd , Mill Valley CA 94941

Group Chat: 10:00am
Leaving: At 10:10AM
If you are after 10:10am then might try to ketch up. BE THERE BEFORE 10:00AM

1. 2 way radio with full charge or new batteries
2. Top off at Chevron at the start of the run
3. Tires set to correct set to recommend tire pressure
4. Extra oil (check before you leave home)

Running requirements.
We will separate into 2 groups. Fast runners up front and cruise group in the back.

*Fast runners* this is for those of you who wish to push hard for short sprints in order to hear their tires sing a little. If you wish to be in this group you must meet with me before we leave as I will have a car count. If the count changes I will stop running hard. **I AM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THIS** we will slow down for the other group to ketch up at points in order to keep this a group drive.

**Cruise group** for those who wish to take the drive a quick to moderate pace. I recommend this group for young drivers and new people to group driving to do. Learn how to drive in a group before you try to push your car hard through the twisties. There will be plenty of meets in 05 for you to do this.

There will be at least 2 camera stops and 1 lunch stop. There maybe be more camera stops but I leave that up for the groups to decide. I will need a few group leaders so please email me if you are interested in being a group leader.

There will be a lot of events in 05 so get ready to burn lots of gas and tires. LOL

12-29-2004, 11:21 PM
The Sacramento crew will meet at the gas station just before the causeway. I believe it is a Shell or 76. Not 100% sure.

The Sacramento group will leave there at 8:30am on the dot. If you are late you will need to ketch up to us.

See the map for the general area of the gas station.

If you need to contact me my number is 916-989-9054

Yes I made a typo. The event date is 1/16/05 :P

And yes it is open to any and all cars.