: Leather expert's opinion is needed

01-03-2005, 01:24 PM
The leather cover on my Z4 driver seat's back rest was replaced by the dealer a couple weeks ago (due to a stain caused by their service people). The car was 2.5 months old at that time. The new leather cover fits loosely and causes some wrinkles on the side bolsters. It looks rather distasteful, especially when this poor fit contrasts sharply with the passenger seat. The service manager told me that all replacement leather covers look like that initially but will improve later. According to him, it would take approximately a month (in summer weather) to maybe 2 or 3 months (in this winter weather) for the new leather cover to look properly.

Now ... unless the leather shrinks, I don't see how it would take up the looseness and tightly stretch across the seat. Is the service manager feeding me a line?


01-05-2005, 02:41 PM
No problem. Take a photo of it now (as I see you have elsewhere) and date it. Tell the service advisor to put his statement in writing that it will improve within three months. Make a service apointment for 3 month's time right in front of him.

In three months, take another photo, then go to the dealer. Show the photos to the advisor and tell him one shot is 3 months old, and one is 20 minutes old. Ask him to point out the improvements, or even identify which is the old photo and which is the new cover. Then show him (her?) the written note from earlier and get your seat re-covered again.

In short, the dealer want you to play a game. Make sure you win.


01-05-2005, 03:40 PM
Very good idea with the before/after pictures. I'll do that.