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: Tuner Buttons on X3 H/U and XM Direct

01-04-2005, 04:34 PM
I finally got my XM Direct unit going. The tuning buttons on the radio are supposed to change the channel rapidly when held down. When I press the button and let go, the channel changes once. Holding the button down does nothing. The channel doesn't even change once if the button is held down. To change the channel rapidly, I press the button rapidly. Anyone else have this problem?
When I try a category scan it doesn't seem to work either. I press the Scan button, and the categories scroll on the display. When I see a category that I want to go through, I press the scan button again. The category I wind up with after this is the NEXT one that was going to appear in the search. Unless I know the upcoming scan search category, I get something totally different than what I was looking for.
Thanks for any assistance.