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: Gear Noise/Wheel Steer

01-08-2005, 10:58 PM

Anybody notice a "whine" in the automatic transmission from ~ 1000-2200 RPM? Seems that this is the normal range in Automatic D/SD to travel @ 30-45 mph. My X3 (2.5) really makes a lot of noise (grating whine), above 2500 its pretty throaty and acts like a BMW, I can place it in manual mode M2/3 and keep it above 2200 but below it still whines and doesn't seem right. I'm pretty isolated (probably have the only X3 in area & dealer is 300miles away so not easy to check). Feedback please.

Also, my X3 has the Sport Package with 18" low profile tires. I rotated and balanced but it seems to hunt all over the road sometimes left sometimes right. This may be a product of the "fatter" tires & Sport Package/suspension, but its somewhat anoying. If its a common problem, how do you fix or compensate? Thanks for the tips. :eek: