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: Race Spares from WCTC #24

01-19-2005, 09:04 PM
BMW Motorsports racing Diffs' in 3:73 and 3:91. $5,000 each new...
PTG built 2.5ltr WCTC engine built to 2002 specs has one race weekend and one practice session, $15,000 new
Robello built 2.5ltr WCTC engine built to 2003 specs has 5 race weekends, $17,500 new. Diffs fit E36 and 46 and would make a great street/track performance up-grade without any engine mods.
The M50's are E36's and would be great in street or track as is, or as base for futher mods.

Prices are OBO. Can be purchased with the E46 WCTC #24 as part of the spares package.

Jim Osborn, jim@chilipepperracing.org , www.chilipepperracing.org