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Zainey weekend

02-27-2005, 08:55 PM
And so it was...

Wife's 3. Why do anything crazy, right? AIO and P21S will dew jest fine..right?

F1 arrives with the latest temptation: :bawling:
We'd only polished the 5 and fought with weather for a month. He proposed we Zaino (Z2 regular) it. We did and it was good even if his ZFX had gelled after 12 months. We did two coats. I got motivated and went a little nuts on the Zaino Bros website, including some Z2 Pro.

F1 Crazy got a lil curious. :cry:
Saturday, we broke the tradition of second class wifey 3:
Wash with Ivory soap for a good, gentle clean. (its true- dont bother trying to dissuade me)
Clay with Mequires NXT soapy water. If you havent used soapy water as a loooob, you should try. Much better and easier clean up than clay lube. :thumbup:
(wash F1's 3) We needed a break. :eeps:
Polish with Einzette and an orange pad. Remove polish with a microfiber pad.
Dawn wash. Nothing scarier than bare naked paint. It wouldn't even sheet water and was tacky to the touch. :eek:
Z6 spray with a MF towel and Z2pro/ZFX to follow.

And then there's Sunday: (OCD kicks in :eeps: )
Remove all wheels and wash behind. Clay.
Mix another batch of Z2pro/ZFX.
You know the Z6/Z2 drill. :confused:
Three times. :yikes: Today, no wifey help.
(change oil in F1's 3) He really did that on his own
F1 gets the idea to use AIO on the wheels. He does. :rolleyes:
1Z Tieffenphledge the trim
1Z Chromephledge on the tail pipes
1Z Plastik something or other on the panels
1Z Leather conditioner
F1 made magic on a weathered steering wheel while I vacuumed his 3.
Zaino Leather in a bottle for the stank.
Vacuum wifey's 3
Install new baby seat (for +20lbs)

Make a kick a$$ stir fry and invite wifey friend over with F1.
Kirin lager(s)
Icy hot


02-27-2005, 09:26 PM
I want Zaino on my car now. ;)

BTW, you forgot that we did one coat on 540i.

02-27-2005, 09:30 PM
I want Zaino on my car now. ;)

BTW, you forgot that we did one coat on 540i.Ohhh yeah.. the extra.. when WAS that...

On Sunday, somewhere between trim and leather. :eeps: