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: Upgrading UK X3 Audio...

03-11-2005, 04:18 AM
I've just had a new company car, a BMW X3 Sport. It has the BMW Business CD head unit in it and a 6 disk changer.

The problem is, the speakers are **** - there seem to be two mids in the front doors, two mids in the back doors and two small subs under the front seats. There are also two grills in the boot, but I'm not sure if they have any speakers behind yet.

Even though the door speakers are set up high, most of the time it sounds like the audio is coming from around your feet.

As it's a company car, I obviously can't stick in a nice big install... However, I need to do something, what's there as standard sucks!

Ideally, I want to keep the headunit and just change the speakers - but I don't want wire all over the place, and it must stay as factory looking as possible and be totally reversable... Ideally, when I change the car I'll be able to just take out the stuff I've put in and replace the standard kit...

I also have an iPod I'd like to wire in - but without losing the CD changer if possible... If that isn't possible, it's not so important, I'd rather have the iPod - but I don't particularly want to use the BMW iPod adapter thing, it limits what you can listen to to 5 playlists. Is there a way of getting an aux-in on the Business CD headunit?

Any suggestions?

Also, if anyone knows the sizes of the standard speakers, that would be great - I can't find the specs anywhere!


03-11-2005, 10:53 AM
I'm new here and have yet to take delivery of my X3, but maybe I can point you in a direction where there might be some more info.

Have you checked out the Audio Upgrades and Other In-Car Electronics section?

Not sure if there is anything on the X3, but there is substantial discussion on iPod options and many people that have switched out speakers/amp and kept the headunit. Although they are other models, at least you can see what kind of experiences they had.

Best of luck to you in your upgrade and congrats on your new company car! :thumbup:

03-11-2005, 01:49 PM
There's an Aux Kit that you can buy from your dealer, but the only control you would have from the steering wheel is the volume control. You should still be able to keep your CD Changer with the Aux kit.

03-12-2005, 11:08 AM
I'm in the same boat.

audio sucks.

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03-12-2005, 08:55 PM
I'm in the same boat.

audio sucks.

iPod Ice Link

Actually - www.densionusa.com :thumbup:

03-13-2005, 10:27 AM
he is from the UK.