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: Is the extended maintenance warranty worth it?

03-26-2005, 08:36 AM
I have a 2004 X3 3.0 CPO car that has 7500 miles. The car delivery date was may 2004. So since its a CPO my warrenty runs out I think in 4 yrs 55,000 miles instead. Extra 5K since its a CPO.

I got a great price from my local ATL rep for the extra maintenance for $1220.00 for 6 yrs 100K.

My car has really low miles and I did the numbers and I wasnt sure if paying the extra money is worth covering 34K miles extra from 4-6yrs. I will never hit 100K in the 6th year. This is my breakdown below of my wifes driving habits. I wasnt sure what would come up for service in between 34K miles between yr 4 to 6. WOyuld you guys buy one at my price? Is it worth it? I am trying to figure out what would pop up in those last 2 ys with my mileage. Maybe 2 oil changes, maybe 1 brake job and maybe a service I or II.

may 2004 0
may 2005 9000
may 2006 25000
may 2007 41000
In march 2008 we hit 55K CPO maintenace ends
may 2008 57000

EXTRA Maintenance
may 2009 73000
may 2010 89000

34K diiference from 04-06