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: WTB: Wood Myrtle Step Knob

04-06-2005, 11:10 AM
Hello everyone...
Another friendly board member has sold me the myrtle trim I was looking for for my wife's car, BUT had a manual trans.. so I am now seeking a Myrtle Wood knob/shaft that will fit my MY00 323i..

First, I am not interested in scratched, broken, or ones with a "hairline crack so small you can't tell unless you're looking at it from outside in the moonlight" knobs..only those that would pass for "looks as good as new"...

Second, I will entertain all interested parties, but please don't reply unless you have pics to send to me at edwardc3000@yahoo.com..

Third, I don't have a lot to spend, so my price range is ~$30. I have seen some for as high as $50 for a 04 and as low as $20 that was pretty rough so, let's start in the middle..

Lastly, I'm prepared to pay via Paypal, money order, rolled coins, or your choice of payment method (except credit card)..just name your preference..

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this offer...

ED in NJ

04-08-2005, 07:42 PM
Thanks to those who replied to my offer..

I have gotten a great deal from a wonderful human being...

(You know who you are...THANK YOU !!)

Once it arrives we'll see if the instructions I have read, over and over and over again, work as promised.
They are, in order:
A) Open the sunroof (just in case in comes flying out of my hand)
B) Pull up e-brake (so car does roll down the drive way)
C) Turn ignition key to FIRST position
D) Move Step to "N" position
E) Press in button on shift knob
F) Pull like a maniac (Note:there are conflicting twist/don't twist directions)
G) Avoid hitting myself in the face, nose, groin, throat, or any other body parts as it comes loose
H) Reinstall new one by pushing hard until an audible click or some other satisfying sound is heard..

Anyone with alternative suggestions or who believe I have omitted any step in the process, please feel free to advise...

Safe Travels All...

ED in NJ