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: Warning System

04-18-2005, 06:40 PM
I have a 2005 x3 2.5 with almost 6000k on (picked up in January) and I am running into a few issues with the warning system that the dealer has not seen. (I did a search and cannot find anything on this)

Two weeks ago the seatbelt warning light up and started chiming at random times. Once it stayed on for about two minutes. I can find nothing in common between an of the times this has happened, other than the person in the drivers seat.

Yesterday my wife took Buster (named after the salesperson at VW who did not get my business due to his resembalance in both appearance an mannerisim to Buster on Arrested Development) to fill the tank. She said while driving there was a funny noise coming from the passenger side front quarter. After filling up she noticed a warning light, so she looked it up in the manual. Low tire pressure. She got out, and noticed that the tire was flat, nail in it. When she went to the dealer to fix the tire they said a new tire was needed because the old tire had been driven so far without air. She asked why the warning did not go off indicating low air pressure until she had restarted the vehicle. They did not know.

Has anyone else experienced any issues like this, with the alert systems, and what were the solutions?



04-19-2005, 07:39 AM
Have something heavy sitting on the seat? By 'heavy' I mean enough to trigger the sensor that someone is sitting in it - it's not a lot!

As for the tire - nails in tires can behave in very strange ways. It may be barely leaking, or not at all, until you stop with the nail positioned just right with the tire being compressed by vehicle weight to bend around the nail and allow a high rate of air loss. I doubt it was driven very far with the tire being too low. However, even with a puncture right in the middle of the tread, I would NEVER patch a speed-rated tire.