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05-07-2005, 09:16 PM
this is bound to win me some enemies but here goes:

bimmers look best in some variation of silver/grey

titanium silver is hard to beat. the problem is that color has been so worked over that it has become boring.

silver grey is a very tasteful color which works well on the 5 series.

titanium grey (my choice) is a very nice dark variation on the whole grey theme. it is probably easier (i hope) to care for than black but still has a bit of aggressiveness to it.

black is beatiiful but as we all know very hard to maintain. i hear jet black is almost impossibl. i shows every water mark and dust spot.

sapphire black mettalic is a more practical option but i dont like the sparkle.

copper metallic is unbelievebaly horrid. bmw should discontunue this.

amethyys is also ugly.

olivin green is a nice attempt to vary the mid-tone grey silver thing but i dont like it.

oxford green is nice but greens are very "out" right now.

mystic blue is not my cup of tea..

orient blue is nice enough but i have heard just as hard to keep up with as black..

monaco blue looks good at least in the photos as does sparkling graphite.

as far as interior colors go. black is black and too dak and cluatrophbic for me. beige is very nice (my choice) very light and "up" feeling. the bmw grey is bad. very weird shade and not very attractive. i would avoid it.

and the next question is: who is wagonman and who made him the final word on color?

answer: nobody

:p :p

05-09-2005, 08:56 AM
Colors, as we know, are highly subjective qualities.

Mystic blue was a replacement for Topaz Blue (the color of my 2001 530i) so I like the blue quite a bit. :)

Ti Ag is so popular and it seems that every 4th BMW I see has this color...so boring even if it looks good.

The new E60s seem to have a lot of silver to black colors with various shades in between. I think BMW needs to branch out more with exterior color....