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Connected Drive & Bluetooth Business

05-28-2005, 04:46 AM
just wonder any know what are Connected Drive & Bluetooth Business?! which are available in Australia....


06-09-2005, 09:17 PM
Spotted this in the Sydney M. Herald...not all these features are available in the US (email & headlines), though some are either under the name BMW Assist or on the Nav dvd.

Nothing in Australia, however, will match the truly interactive nature of BMW's ConnectedDrive, launched this week in Canberra. Although it doesn't have vehicle tracking facilities, ConnectedDrive will match the others by monitoring airbag deployment and breakdowns. It will provide a 24-hour owner's hotline to medical, mechanical and other specialised staff based in a call centre in Brisbane.

What sets ConnectedDrive apart from the local competition is the way it can be used for much more than safety and security. Features include the ability to have news headlines downloaded onto the car's screen (tailored to take in favoured shares on a personal Watch List), to download email, to search for restaurants by cuisine type and distance from where you are, to find hotels by star rating and location and even to book through a hotline accessed at the push of a button.

The hotline - operated from the same Brisbane call centre (the internet elements are hosted from Sweden) - can feed details straight into the navigation system. Therefore your request of "find me the best local hotel'' can be followed by the car displaying a photo of the nearest five-star hotel and then telling you how to get there.

The comparatively narrow bandwidth of the system means there are often waits that bring back memories of the early days of the internet. Furthermore, the reliability of the test system we used was poor (see story opposite). The reliability issues should be cured by the time the system goes "live" (or there will be a lot of red faces) and a substantial increase in speed should occur within 12 months with the utilisation of the faster GPRS network.

BMW will give the first year's service free to owners of upmarket models; after that subscribers will pay about $750 a year for the complete telematics package.

This link is informative: