: How should I handle my BT car phone

05-29-2005, 08:09 PM
My X3 is equiped with BMW professional carphone as shown on below pic, it has individual
BT handset and sim card. ( It's a standard equipment for X3 in China with no other option)
I am using a Sony Ericsson T610 and I paired the T610 to X3 and enter the pass key, it's ok, but when I get in the car with BT enabled on T610, not thing happened, the vehicle only recognises the BMW carphone, not the T610.
BMW carphone does not support voice dialing, so I am guessing that's why I can't using the voice recognition function.

I tried to switch off the headset, but when I press the R/T button, X3 still only recognise the carphone, I still can make calls through the phone book of bmw carphone.

I tried to take out the sim card of BMW carphone, but when I press the R/T button, it displayed 'please insert sim card' on my radio screen ( i don't have the NAV package )

does anyone know how to make my T610 works with my X3? :cry:

Thanks in advance.

05-30-2005, 11:32 AM
Hey, you might want to go check out the other forums just about BT. I'm sure they can help you out alot better, besides it gets annoying in here when half the threds are about BT :rolleyes: