: e46 sedan wood for trade or sale

05-31-2005, 07:44 PM
I am looking to go the metalic route instead of the wood my car came with. I am able to leave my car for a couple days durring shipping, if needed. Let me know if you are interested.
All of the peices are in great shape (my car is a 2003). there is a minor scratch on the top of the shifter, which i couldn't even get a good picture of because the shifter is so reflective.

06-01-2005, 05:55 PM
Can you part each piece out? I jacked up my right rear door trim today. Thanks.

06-02-2005, 06:55 AM
Sorry, no that doesn't really work for me.
Good luck to you though!

06-27-2005, 08:12 PM
How much do you want for the set?

06-28-2005, 05:40 AM
I think I changed my mind. I ordered the silver, but the contrast to to great against the black interior that I have, and it looks kinda cheap. I think I am going to send the silver back, or sell it on ebay.

Sorry to disappoint.

Which trim are you looking to change out? What color interior do you have?