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: Sprint PCS LG 325, BMW X3, & Laptop, will they love each other?

06-01-2005, 06:08 PM

I know I am a noob to this board and maybe this is a dumb question but I am not a techie so here goes.

I already know the LG325 will not sync the Phonebook up with the X3 (Thanks Sprint :mad:), but how about this:

If I was to have a bluetooth enabled laptop, could I sync it up with the phonebook in the car, and then use the phonebook in the car to make calls?

Well, I guess I know I should try it but first I have to find software for my laptop to sync with the car (if it would work).

I really don't car to have to spend 500 bucks for a Treo 650 and I am stuck in a contract with Sprint (well really I have a great plan with them).


06-01-2005, 11:20 PM
The short answer is that your idea is unlikely to work. There are several BT implementations. The vehicle uses either the "handsfee" implementation on a slightly more advanced one ("object exchange") that allows for the entire phone book to be downloaded. But the BT adapters for, say, the USB ports of laptops are usually more sophisticated. I guess you could test this by getting a BT headset and seeing if that syncs with your computer. If it does, maybe that vehicle will also.