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Bimmer_Bob 09-07-2006 01:29 AM

A/C Belt on 530i?
:dunno: Hello everyone, I am new here so please excuse the lost post here...

Anyhow, I just purchased a beautiful '94 530i the other night and I drove it home from Oregon to So. Cali.

I think I am going to have a few hidden surprises within this little beauty.

I am fine with that, but since I didn't care it would have been nice to know exactly what I will be encountering.

He told me that he thought that one, possible two cylinders are missing... Well they are physically there anyways... =)

I thought well that could be a few different things, only to get home and lift up the plastic BMW Manifold cover to see one of the ignition wires was either cut or burnt, not sure what happen there yet. Good reason why it is missing from that cylinder, hopefully it is only a wire issue.

***Now***, sorry for the round about way to get to why I write... I turned on the A/C only to find out there is no cold air. I crawled under the front end to check out the entire car when I noticed the A/C unit has no belt.

Hmmm... There is a rib belt, but I just can not figure out how any belt can be configured to work around other obstacles that are in the same area.

If anyone can take a pic of how this is suppose to happen, I would be extremely appreciative.

I will work on my terminology so that I can be better understood from this point forward... Thanks...

Also, has anyone found a good service manual for the 94 530i? I heard Bently's doesn't go into very deep detail, mostly regarding how to fix your ashtray type of self service.

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